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AccuFund Publishes new EBook, The Trust Factor & Nonprofit Financial Management

TrustCoverThumbnailFrom the internal management and reporting of your organization’s finances to encouraging your community’s continued support of your mission, trust plays a pivotal role in every facet of your organization. Without trust, there is no gift or grant award. What can be done to build trust within your organization and your community?

The Trust Factor & Nonprofit Financial Management EBook identifies 3 common threats to trust and helps you evaluate the trust that’s required for ongoing sustainability.

Read the complete Trust Factor & Nonprofit Financial Management EBook press release.

Download The Trust Factor & Nonprofit Financial Management EBook.

AccuFund Introduces New Web Payment Portal

AccuFund Introduces a New Web Payment Portal, enabling organizations to offer clients/residents online access to invoices and payment options.

AccuFund’s partnership with CardX gives organizations the convenience of credit card acceptance without the high costs. The Web Payment Portal integrates with the AccuFund Accounting Suite and enables organizations to offer their clients and residents online access to utility bills and invoices and the ability to make secure online payments, saving time for both the organization and the client. Read the full AccuFund Web Payment Portal press release.

2016 Training Sessions and User Group Meetings

 AccuFund kicks off the 2016 Fall Training & User Group Meeting Season.

Hands-on Report Writer training shows clients how to customize and write their own reports in AccuFund's Financial and Standard report writers. On-site training in Waltham, MA takes place October 17-21. Space is limited. Registration closes October 7.

Registration is also open for AccuFund’s Online Training Series – New User, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll. The online training series runs October 25-28, with specific dates for each training. Registration is required.

AccuFund User Group Meetings provide clients with the latest information about updates to AccuFund’s current version, plans for the next version, year-end changes expected for 2016, Position Control module, scheduling, automation enhancements, and other topics. User Group meeting dates for AccuFund clients are held in a variety of locations across the United States, between November 10-December 2, 2016. An online session is also availalbe on December 1.

More details and to register, click here.

University of Buffalo Foundation Implements Cloud Version of AccuFund Accounting Sutie

AccuFund announces that the University at Buffalo Foundation in New York has implemented the cloud version of the AccuFund Accounting Suite. While it plans to utilize the entire system, UB Foundation selected AccuFund for its robust endowment management and reporting capabilities, which are provided by the AccuFund Accounting Suite’s Financial Reporting and Allocation Management modules.  Read the complete AccuFund - University of Buffalo Foundation press release.

AccuFund Sponsors The Chronicle of Philanthropy's New 990 Reporting Guide

AccuFund Sponsors The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s New IRS Form 990 Reporting Guide, Mining the 990 – A Guide to Gleaning Key Data from Charities’ Tax Form.

The increasing demand for transparency and understanding around nonprofit reporting fueled the need for this reporting guide. It serves as a tool for finding and understanding relevant IRS Form 990 information and reinforces the need for strong nonprofit financial reporting.

Download: Mining the 990 – A Guide to Gleaning Key Data from Charities’ Tax Form.