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AccuFund is 100% focused on serving nonprofits and government entities. It’s all we do.

Since 2001, our financial management solutions have helped thousands of nonprofits and government entities improve overall management.

Our complete fund accounting software – available online or onsite – consists of a strong core system and modules that allow you to expand as your needs evolve.

The ability to adapt to changing environments has never been greater and AccuFund makes it easy.

Our employees and value-added resellers are guided by their deep desire to help others; with experience rich in fund accounting, nonprofit governance, and local government.

We care about your mission and what you do. Let us help you streamline processes and work more efficiently.

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Introducing AccuFund Anywhere Online

AccuFund Anywhere Online

True Browser-Based Cloud Accounting Helps Nonprofits and Local Governments Adapt to a Changing World.

AccuFund Anywhere Online operates natively in a browser, not as windows-based screens hosted on a web server.


AccuFund Anywhere Online helps you quickly adjust to a changing world while fulfilling your mission.

Municipalities &
Government Entities

AccuFund Anywhere Online helps you support your constituents and communities.

AccuFund Accounting Suite
An Onsite Financial Management System

AccuFund and the AccuFund Accounting Suite have been at the forefront of financial management and fund accounting software innovation since 2001.

Known for its wide range of modules, strong reporting capabilities, and powerful automations, AccuFund helps you spend less time managing finances and processes and more time fulfilling your mission and serving your community.

Our onsite financial management solution utilizes your existing infrastructure and houses the data on your servers.

AccuFund Accounting Suite


AccuFund onsite fund accounting solutions bring efficiency and transparency to your organization.

Municipalities &
Government Entities

Modernize your systems, procedures, and processes with AccuFund onsite solutions.


Streamline your specific processes and serve more individuals with AccuFund onsite solutions.

AccuFund 20th Anniversary Celebrations

AccuFund Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

We're celebrating 20 years of providing powerful financial management software for nonprofit, endowment, representative payee and government organizations.

“Our clients are an integral part of our AccuFund family. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients, understanding their needs and working closely with them to not only continue enhancing the AccuFund product they rely on, but ultimately helping them improve their ability to help those in their community. ”

- Gordon Holfelder, President, AccuFund


“Our ability to pull data on an actual basis, directly from our accounting system, improves the timeliness and accuracy of our reporting.”

. Pennington, Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District

“AccuFund is the software package for any organization interested in becoming more efficient, making processes automatic, and getting rid of spreadsheets.”

D. Riddle, Texoma Community Center

“In the 16 years I’ve been here, it was the easiest audit we've ever gone through and I attribute that to AccuFund.”

K. Root, The Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

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