Scalable Nonprofit Financial Management Solutions that Grow with Your Organization.

Streamline your processes and improve efficiency.

A+ Reporting

Powerful reporting, dashboards,
and real-time access to data.

Easy to Use

Benefit from an intuitive,
customizable interface.


Select from complete set of
modules for your organization.

Using AccuFund's onsite accounting software

Financial Management Solutions that Grow with Your Nonprofit.

As your nonprofit adjusts to changing community needs, so too must the software and technology you rely on.

Benefit from AccuFund’s complete nonprofit financial management system to maximize all critical aspects of your nonprofit – from budget development to grants management to payroll and HR and accounts payable – selecting the modules that your nonprofit needs now with the ability to add others in the future.

Our full onsite nonprofit financial management solution utilizes your infrastructure technology and houses the data on your servers.

You’re able to automate workflow, generate robust reports, customize your dashboards and improve overall decision-making while enabling transparency and accountability as you continue serving your community members.

Strong customer service and continual updates and enhancements to the system ensure you always get the most from your AccuFund system.

Connected company servers

The AccuFund System

In addition to the powerful core financial management features, you can customize the software with additional modules to meet your nonprofits' specific needs.

AccuFund Core System

All these elements are included in the AccuFund Core System.


Fully integrated with the AccuFund Core System. Purchase as needed.

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

Complete package that integrates with the AccuFund Core System. Purchase as needed.

Endowment Modules

Representative Payee

AccuFund Accounting Suite
Onsite Financial Management Software
for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations Rely on AccuFund.

Robust Reporting

The AccuFund Financial Report Writer makes it easy to meet internal and external requirements in requested formats.

Efficient Business Operations

Enabling you and your team to improve efficiency in business operations while providing a seamless connection between employees and community members, to fulfill needed responsibilities.

Customizable Dashboards

Supporting you and your team with customized dashboards for managing cash receipts, reconciling bank accounts, and managing a variety of HR capabilities.

Explore True Browser-Based Accounting Software for Nonprofits

Explore AccuFund Anywhere Online, true browser-based cloud accounting software for nonprofit organizations.

See the Difference Fund Accounting Software Can Make at your Nonprofit Organization.

AccuFund combines years of experience in nonprofit financial management software with the latest technology. Start your modernization journey at one of our one-hour demonstration webinars.


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