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A Powerful Way to Allocate Expenses and Revenues

AccuFund’s General Ledger Allocations module delivers a set of templates that meet many requirements for allocating expenses and revenues from holding pools to receiving departments and programs.

Since General Ledger Allocations is part of AccuFund’s Core Accounting Suite, the module is included for all to use.

General Ledger Allocation Online Version

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Streamline Your Workflow

Through an intuitive interface, users simply fill in a few fields to initiate the required distribution of expenses. The system then looks for expenses to be allocated, typically called an expense pool.

The module can utilizes accounts that serve as the basis for the distribution of expenses and determines what amount should be allocated to each receiving department/program.

Once the expenses are allocated, an offset is posted to the pool department. This may be done as a single account entry, or the allocation can clear out each account in the pool department.

Take Advantage of Easy-to-Use Features and Functions

For your convenience, some of the capabilities in General Ledger Allocations include:

  • Pooling allocations in a single account: One account posts to each receiving department, with another account holding the offset in the pool department.
  • Pooling allocations in multiple accounts: Each account in the pool is cleared out and the same accounts are posted to in each receiving department. This allows users to see the types of expenses being allocated.
  • Rate-based allocation: When an organization has approved indirect/overhead rates, amounts can be posted as a percentage of the basis account balance. Each receiving department may have its own rate and limits may be defined.
  • Allocations based on dynamic or static units of service: Allocations may use dynamic items such as labor hours spent on a program or the number of copies provided through a copy center, and more static values such as the number of square feet assigned to each program.
  • Recurring entries - Utilize the GLAllocations to automatically create and then reverse recurring accruals such as prepaid insurance and others.
  • Custom prompts and help text: Choose how to support your specific allocations and account structure.
  • Trace reports for debugging: Allocations can be set to show a trace report, which shows every step taken in a specific procedure.

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Built-In Integration Increases Efficiency

General Ledger Allocations is integrated with the General Ledger for source accounts, demographic storage, and financial reporting.

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