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Easily Manage Requests for Employee Leave, Conference Rooms, and Equipment

Through AccuFund’s Web Portal, the Leave and Resource Requests module lets you process multiple time-off requests, enforce approval processes, and ensure sufficient employee coverage. The system also handles conference room scheduling, fleet use, and requests for specific assets, such as audio-visual equipment.

Once submitted, requests are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers. Approvals can be viewed in a calendar view or report, providing at-a-glance management of important resources.

Leave / Resource Requests Online Version

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Approval Trees Make Short Work of Resource Management

Rules-based approval trees make it possible to route different requests through specific levels of approval, based on conditions directed by organizational policies. You can use existing payroll approval trees or create new approval trees just for resources.

Employees can see the status of their requests at any time and can view them in the calendar in relation to other requests.

The Leave and Resource Requests module works in conjunction with the Payroll module, the Fixed Asset module, and as a standalone system for general resource requests.

Entering Requests—a Streamlined Process from Start to Finish

To enter a request, employees open the AccuFund Web Portal in a web browser. After logging in, users select Requests from the left-hand navigation list to open the Requests window.

Once an employee has selected a requestable resource, a more detailed description of the item will appear in the form. The duration field will be calculated based on Hours Per Day.

Upon pressing submit, an email will be sent to the first approver in the approval tree, notifying them that they have a request to approve.


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