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Critical Client Data at Your Fingertips

AccuFund’s Client Accounting module provides a central location for information related to agency clients, such as foster children. Client Accounting removes the need to maintain a separate financial system for client information.

With Client Accounting, you can:

  • Create unlimited data fields, such as enrollment dates, ethnicity, guardianship, and more. These items can be linked to Dashboards and automated tasks.
  • See all the A/R invoices, A/P bills, Purchase Orders, and Requisitions for a client, regardless of the associated vendor or family (the state or private organization providing the client’s funding). Reports can be generated for individual clients that incorporate information from other modules in the AccuFund Accounting Suite.
  • Tie all received funds and payments to clients and vendors, such as host families and housing providers. To facilitate third-party billing, Client Accounting includes client information on the Accounts Receivable invoice sent to each vendor.

Client Accounting Online Version

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Broaden Your Accounting Functionality

AccuFund Client Accounting adds a layer of functionality across other AccuFund modules:

  • Accounts Receivable—Create invoices and track funds received from each vendor/family for each client/child.
  • Accounts Payable—Create bills and track funds disbursed to each vendor/family for each client/child.
  • Purchasing—Create purchase orders for each vendor/family that establish the amount of funds they’re committed to spend on each client/child in their care.
  • Requisitions—Manage and process requests for services and supplies.
  • Cash Receipts—Create receipts and review histories of credits.

Services provided by your agency are entered into Accounts Receivable. Payments are collected for clients through Cash Receipts and are paid out from Accounts Payable to the vendors linked to your clients. Since agencies generally receive funds from multiple sources, AccuFund’s Client Accounting module lets you track funds by both vendor and client.

In the Purchasing module, you can create purchase orders that outline the amounts committed for each client/child. These purchase orders provide a breakdown of each vendor/family’s present and future commitments. You can also see an inventory of services and supplies the client/child receives, a view that’s also available in Accounts Receivable and Requisitions.

Improve Accuracy with These Advanced Features

The AccuFund Client Accounting adds tremendous value through benefits and features like these:

  • Receipts show the amount of funds for each client, making it easy to identify overpayments.
  • Demographic information fields in client records are user definable, ensuring that all necessary information is tracked.
  • Credits for overpayments can be created in Accounts Receivable and will appear on corresponding invoices and in the Cash Receipts module.
  • A complete history of purchase orders and requisitions can be obtained for each client by just clicking the client’s name.
  • Revenue and expense activity can be combined in one report, enabling you to determine if the right funds are being received.
  • Inventory issues can be generated for distributing items in storage to clients.

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