Travel Management

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Keep All Your Travel Expenses Under Control

AccuFund’s Travel Management module lets you manage all your travel advance accounting—from advances to reconciliation—from one central location, saving time and money.

As a back-office tool, the Travel Management module integrates seamlessly with the core functions of the AccuFund Accounting Suite, streamlining the process for all team members involved.

Increase Efficiency and Improve Accuracy

Travel Management provides your finance department with a single location to manage and track all travel advance activities:

  • Travel Management automatically generates any required bills for advances, and events stay open until reconciliations are received.
  • At each step, the module posts the appropriate entries to the General Ledger, including advances to employees and expenses to funders.
  • Each item in an event may be charged to a different funding source and expense code, as needed.


Use Travel Management's Versatility to Suit Your Needs

The Travel Management module includes robust functionality that allows users to:

  • Segregate expenses by purpose/type of travel event.
  • Use distribution tables to reduce reliance on accounting codes.
  • Control the number and type of travel items.
  • Code travel items with predefined unit amounts, such as mileage and daily allowances.
  • Create a full range of reports, based on travel item status, type of advance, employee, date, and vendors.
  • Record an organization’s credit card (upon reconciliation) without impacting the reconciliation amount due to or from the employee.

Streamline Accounting Processes with Built-in Integration

 Travel Management integrates seamlessly with the following AccuFund modules:

  • General Ledger—All transactions are automatically posted.
  • Accounts Payable—Advances and reimbursements are paid through Accounts Payable.
  • Accounts Receivable—When a travel advance exceeds expenses, the module generates an AR invoice to capture the amount owed to the organization.


Let's Get Started

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