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Support your own organization—and the ones you sponsor—with the leading professional accounting solution for nonprofits.

Easy and Intuitive
Save time and resources while
increasing productivity.

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We offer multiple deployment options to meet your unique needs.

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Fulfill your responsibilities—and gain greater control over your own finances.

To help self-directed organizations broaden their capabilities and spend more time focusing on their respective missions, a good fiscal employer agent must have a sound financial management system in place.

AccuFund’s Accounting Suite can help you fulfill your responsibilities to the nonprofits you sponsor by safeguarding assets, ensuring that funds are distributed appropriately, and improving the overall management of your sponsored accounts.

Through robust reporting, strong internal controls, and fully auditable workflows, AccuFund delivers valuable tools designed to strengthen your relationships. Here are just some of the features that make AccuFund a trusted partner to fiscal agents nationwide:

  • Payroll processing and tax calculation for participants/representatives
  • Tracking tools that match funds to line items in approved service plans
  • Monthly budget report reconciliation
  • Accounts payable processing for participants, including document management for bills and records of services rendered
  • Reporting for government agencies, participants, and others
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The AccuFund System

In addition to the powerful core financial management features, you can customize the software with additional modules to meet the specific needs of different fiscal employer agents.

AccuFund Core System

All these elements are included in the AccuFund Core System.

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

Complete package that integrates with the AccuFund Core System. Purchase as needed.

Fiscal Employer Agent Modules

Fully integrated with the AccuFund Core System. Purchase as needed.

Complete Data Integration

Automatically pull in data from your existing systems, as you eliminate manual work and free up time for strategic planning.

Organization-Wide Access

Get your performance data out of the back office and into the hands of managers and other authorized users.


The AccuFund Financial Report Writer makes it easy to meet internal and external requirements in requested formats.

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