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Nonprofit Trend: In-House Payroll

Whether changing in-house payroll options or taking payroll in-house for the first time, you’re making an investment that should help you improve workflows and efficiencies, save time, save money, and provide real-time access to operational data. This white paper, Payroll Shift – Nonprofits Trend Towards In-House Payroll, identifies and details seven benefits of in-house payroll.

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Mastering Workflow in Nonprofit Management

This white paper provides detailed steps and helpful tips in some of the many areas workflow can positively impact your organization: Bill Pay/Payment Processing, Grants Management, Budget Development, Employee Expense, Purchase Orders, Payroll/HR, Employee Self-Service, and more.

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Endowment Management Tipping Point–When & Why to Move Beyond Spreadsheets

Executive Paper identifies 7 endowment management "tipping points" relating to: reporting and communications, GAAP and UPMIFA best practices, security measures and maintenance of data, and high error-prone areas.

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Six Degrees of Major Gift Fundraising.

This White Paper, Six Degrees of Major Gift Fundraising. Cultivating the Connection Potential of Your Organization's Staff, Volunteers and Board Members, offers in-depth solutions for actively engaging social networks to grow your organization's major gift fundraising initiative.

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5 Tips to Optimize Grants Management in Salesforce

How you capture and organize data to optimize your time in records and minimize clicks can greatly improve productivity. This Executive Paper identifies 5 popular areas you can optimize within Salesforce for real time savings. 

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Optimize Your Grants Management Process For Greater Impact

This new executive paper identifies tips and insights for improving all 5 phases of grants management so your organization can stand out during grant application process, automate day-to-day tasks, and improve reporting and forecasting.

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Cloud Vs. On-Premise. A Nonprofit's Guide to Selecting Accounting Software

On-premise and cloud-based nonprofit accounting solutions are both valid options. It just depends on what's right for your organization. AccuFund's Cloud vs. On-Premise White Paper identifies 6 Key Factors for assessing the nonprofit accounting deployment option that ultimately best serves your organization’s needs.

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Dashboards for Nonprofits

Whether a new or skilled dashboard user, this Dashboard White Paper offers tips, tools, worksheets and guidelines to help organizations build and/or improve the dashboards they rely on for decision-making.

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E-BOOK: FASB ASU 2016-14

AccuFund’s new FASB E-Book fills in the gaps around FASB ASU 2016-14 reporting requirements. Highlights include: timing and examples of reporting changes, side-by-side analysis of changes, and checklists/step-by-step updates to key reports.

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E-BOOK: The Trust Factor & Nonprofit Financial Management

This new EBook outlines the importance of trust in all phases of nonprofit management, program management, and outcomes management while also detailing areas that might make an organization vulnerable. It also provides helpful tips to guide nonprofits through assessing their current level of trust and highlights areas that help strengthen the trust factor.

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FASB ASU 2016-14 Reporting Requirements, Part 1

Is Your Organization Ready for FASB ASU 2016-14? New FASB ASU 2016-14 reporting requirements is the first major set of changes to nonprofit financial statement presentation standards since 1993. This white paper breaks down the changes, shows examples of the new financial statement presentations and helps nonprofits understand, prepare and implement the new FASB 2016-14 reporting requirements.

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FASB ASU 2016-14 Reporting Requirements, Part 2

Identifying the processes, tasks, and decisions associated with preparing to implement the new FASB ASU 2016-14 reporting requirements is what AccuFund focuses on in Part 2 of their 3-part White Paper Series to help all nonprofits better understand, prepare and implement the new accounting standards.

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FASB ASU 2016-14 Reporting Requirements, Part 3

Part 3 of our popular FASB White Paper Series is an active project plan that includes checklists, questions for discussion, and step-by-step updates to help you and your organization focus on the task-oriented items detailed in all 3 phases; understanding, preparing and implementing.

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5 Key Factors to Consider When Investing in a New Nonprofit Accounting System

How often do you assess the systems that drive your organization? Does management have the analytics and insights they need to make decisions? Sound, accurate financial reporting helps everyone involved understand the financial state of your organization. For thought-provoking questions and topics for assessing your organizations’ needs, download this new, executive paper, 5 Key Factors to Consider When Investing in a New Nonprofit Accounting System.

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Reporting on a Mission. Insights and Best Practices for Nonprofit Reporting

Nonprofit Reporting is your organization’s best insight into your financial position, grant management, and program effectiveness.  With better insight comes better decision making and better tactical execution. Timely, accurate, understandable reporting is essential for an organization to secure grant awards, attract more donations, and at the very least, make the most effective use of the funds you do have.

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Functional Expense Reporting

Functional Expense Reporting provides donors, funders and the general public, with meaningful information about the types of programs and activities carried out by an organization.  This white paper provides a behind-the-scenes look at Functional Expense Reporting - what it takes to do it well and how it helps position your organization for ongoing success.

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Mining the 990 - A Guide to Gleaning Key Data from Charities' Tax Form

AccuFund Sponsors The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s New IRS Form 990 Reporting Guide, Mining the 990 – A Guide to Gleaning Key Data from Charities’ Tax Form. The Guide offers insightful solutions relating to and referencing all areas of IRS Form 990.The increasing demand for transparency and understanding around nonprofit reporting fueled the need for this reporting guide.

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Going Green and Saving Green: Operating a Paperless Nonprofit

Learn ways your organization can save time, money and resources with effective use of your organization’s technology. This white paper identifies systems, procedures and technology your organization can benefit from to minimize the time and resources used every day to copy, distribute, find and process the information that comes into, passes within, and exits your organization.

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Government Special Report

What challenges do you face at your local government? This special report identifies trends in the government sector and highlights tips for streamlining operations with real world success stories from Fire Departments, Councils of Government, Local Municipalities, Cities & Towns and Special Districts.

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5 Key Factors to Consider When Investing in a New Government Accounting System

Any time you make an investment in your government, multiple factors contribute to the desired outcome. Community needs, staffing insights, leadership vision – coupled with ROI and governmental efficiency. We've identified 5 Key Factors to be considered when making a government accounting investment.

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Operating a Paperless Government

This white paper identifies systems, procedures and technology your government can benefit from to minimize the time and resources used every day to copy, distribute, find and process the information that comes into, passes within, and exits your entity.

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Representative Payee Fundamentals.

Representative Payee Fundamentals. The responsibilities, best practices and technology needed to deliver Representative Payee Success. Technology enables automation and best practices help ensure systems and procedures are as seamless as possible. We’ve put this all together for you in this white paper.

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Endowment Special Report 2017: The Endowment Squeeze, How Nonprofits and Foundations are Fairing in a Time of Uncertainty

AccuFund partnered with Chronicle of Philanthropy to bring about this special report, highlighting endowment success stories; returns, diversification and what’s required for keeping and attracting endowment donors.

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5 Important Considerations for Nonprofit Endowment Management

Based on the 2015-2016 Endowment Accounting Insights & Analysis Survey*, which sought information central to endowment accounting management, this tip sheet offers 5 areas of consideration when managing current endowments or considering the pursuit of new endowments.

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4 Steps to a Healthy CRM Intervention

Is your database underperforming? This Executive Paper takes you through thought-provoking questions and tutorials for each of the 4 steps in a healthy CRM intervention to help you and your team identify what’s important to your organization, prioritize your needs and set you on a path for optimal donor engagement.

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Optimize Your Salesforce Nonprofit Solution

Whether you are preparing to implement your new donor database, looking for ways to maximize your data centric fundraising efforts, or optimizing your database to meet changing needs, this white paper outlines 5 Key Steps your organization can take to get the most out of the Nonprofit Salesforce Solution.

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Exploring the Disciplines of Successful Major Gift Fundraising with Moves Management

In this white paper, we identify 6 Key Steps any nonprofit organization can follow to optimize their fundraising efforts. We offer insights on monitoring your existing constituent database, tracking the various stages of major gifts, and building a sustainable pipeline for future major donors.

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