Cloud Vs. On-Premise. Government's Guide to Accounting Software

Cloud Vs. On-Premise, A Government’s GuGovtCloudVsOnpremise thumbnailide to Selecting Accounting Software takes an objective look; identifying 6 Key Factors and Questions to Consider that can help you make the right decision.

• Do employees only need access while on-premise or do they need to have mobile access?
• What type of training and support is available to help improve system efficiency?
• What is your internal process if your server goes down?
• Are updates included in on-premise support fees?
• How can you compare IT costs of going with a cloud solution versus recurring fees of an on-premise solution?
• Can you convert to the other deployment if necessary?

Take an in-depth look at both sides of the discussion. Cloud vs. On-Premise. One isn’t better than the other – they are both valid options – it just depends on what’s right for your government.

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