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AccuFund Sponsors The Chronicle of Philanthropy's New 990 Reporting Guide

AccuFund Sponsors The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s New IRS Form 990 Reporting Guide, Mining the 990 – A Guide to Gleaning Key Data from Charities’ Tax Form.

The increasing demand for transparency and understanding around nonprofit reporting fueled the need for this reporting guide. It serves as a tool for finding and understanding relevant IRS Form 990 information and reinforces the need for strong nonprofit financial reporting.

Download: Mining the 990 – A Guide to Gleaning Key Data from Charities’ Tax Form.

New Position Control Module Improves Organization Management

AccuFund announces the new Position Control Module, an add-on to the Payroll Module in the AccuFund Accounting Suite. With this new module, organizations can track employees by position and know which positions are open or have been filled. When an employee enters their time, that information is automatically recorded to their position, enabling the organization to know how much has been expensed to that position.The new Position Control Module helps organizations get a better handle on their employee commitments to grants and obtain specific information on the positions it has.

Read the complete Position Control Module press release.

AccuFund Partners with Real Vision Software

AccuFund partners with Real Vision Software (RVI) to integrate the RVI Document Imaging System with the AccuFund Accounting Suite, providing enhanced document imaging and storage capabilities for organizations. 

  • Easy Retrieval - when documents are scanned or uploaded in AccuFund, they are automatically indexed in RVI,
  • Save Time - no need for manual entry of code and other information related to the document, as RVI automatically captures that information from AccuFund and attaches it to the document,
  • Seamless Integration - documents stored in RVI are directly linked to transactions in AccuFund and can be viewed and reported within AccuFund.

Read the full AccuFund and Real Vision Software Partnership Press Release.

AccuFund Resellers Honored

AccuFund bestowed Partner Leadership awards for overall volume sales leadership, volume sales leadership in the government and non-profit sectors, volume leadership in add-on sales and total unit sales, volume leadership in sales of representative Payee, and for customer installation and support excellence. A “Rookie of the Year” award was presented to honor one of AccuFund’s newest high-performing resellers. The awards were presented at a special dinner during AccuFund’s annual reseller meeting, held March 19–21, 2016.

Read the AccuFund Resellers Honored press release.

CPA Practice Advisors Honors AccuFund with 5-Star Rating

CPA Practice Advisors Honors AccuFund with 5-Star Rating for its Nonprofit Accounting System. 
AccuFund receives top marks for scalability, core functions, capabilities, reporting, integration and support. Product strengths detailed in AccuFund’s 5-Star Review include:

•    Both on-premise and online/cloud version available
•    Strong set of core modules
•    Excellent selection of add-on modules
•    Seamless integration with Salesforce
•    AccuFund for Nonprofits provides a degree of flexibility in its product offerings, giving users the choice of a traditionally installed product, an online version of that same product, or AccuFund Anywhere, the cloud-based version of the product.

Here's a First-Hand account of AccuFund in action with the New Mexico-based Friends of  the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.

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Read the Full AccuFund 5-Star Rating Press Release.