Upgrades. Updates. Enhancements. What it Takes to Propel Organizations in Today’s Financial Marketplace.

UpgradeImageBLOGAdobeStock 177368477SMALLFrom fundamental ASU2016-14 FASB updates to company-specific software updates, equipping nonprofit organizations with the tools to improve reporting and financial management is top-of-mind for many, if not all, nonprofit executives and boards.

Personally speaking, when AccuFund makes enhancements to its products, you know 3 things for certain:

1. We are listening to our customers; what they need to help them improve the way they report, organize their data, work through their system, and overall manage their financials.
2. We are committed to the nonprofit and government marketplace we serve.
3. New enhancements set the stage for future enhancements.

With our latest update, Version 6.01 of the AccuFund Accounting Suite, we introduce a completely new user interface which has a simpler, more standardized design. Fonts are larger and easier to read, icons in the toolbar are simplified and all windows have a consistent look. Version 6.01 also features several new capabilities in the Core system of the AccuFund Accounting Suite.

“With every upgrade, our top priority is making sure we continue to improve our users experience in the system; providing greater convenience, flexibility, and ease-of-use,” stated Ian Scotland, Vice President and General Manager of AccuFund, Inc. “The new Version 6.01 interface is modern; incorporating the icons users would expect in their applications. The feedback has been incredibly positive, as we’ve brought the system in line with the Windows 10 standard, incorporating a look users are familiar with and improving the navigation that ultimately enhances the system’s overall functionality.”

The most noticeable new feature with the Version 6.01 interface is the themes. The system has 25 different color combinations that each user can choose from for their individual color scheme. Changing the theme will immediately change the colors used in any open window. The theme colors are stored by database, allowing users to have a different theme color for each database.

Version 6.01 includes updates to satisfy the new ASU2016-14 requirements as well as offer the following capabilities in the Core system of the AccuFund Accounting Suite:

Retain User Preferences – Any user settings such as theme color, password, account information, etc. are now stored in the database rather than on the workstation, allowing them to be retained and attached to the user when they move to another workstation or device.

Reconfigure Data Entry Grids – Users can reconfigure the way they do data entry, easily moving around objects on the grid whether they are in the browser or data entry area. Grids can be copied to a clipboard for transfer directly to a spreadsheet and all new settings are retained.

Filter Data in Browse Windows – Browse default settings have been standardized to show the typically desired data as the default, making the system more responsive. A Filter button in each browse window opens a window where new criteria can be entered to set new values that will be saved for the next time the user opens the browse window. Users can return to the default set of values at any time by clicking the Reset button in the Filter window.

Other new Core system features in Version 6.01 of the AccuFund Accounting Suite include the ability to resize navigation panes and to add, remove and rearrange columns in any grid that is within any Update window. Version 6.01 also supports file streaming, allowing images to be stored outside the database so the database size is smaller.

Version 6.01 of the AccuFund Accounting Suite also offers new features and enhancements to the following modules: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts, Client Accounting, Employee Portal, Financial Reports, Genera; Ledger, Grants, Human Resources, Payment Portal, Payroll, Representative Payee, Requisitions and Task Scheduler.

The AccuFund Accounting Suite Version 6.01 is available licensed both Cloud (SaaS) and on-premise and in Standard and Professional editions adding additional security.

What Enhancements are You Making at Your Organization?

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