AccuFund Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

20 years blueThe best business ideas start with solving a problem. Twenty years ago, AccuFund had its beginnings in solving a business issue and grew into a software company focused on helping local governments and nonprofit organizations achieve their mission.

In 2001, AccuFund founder Gordon Holfelder and co-founder Peter Stam sensed a business opportunity printing checks for NASCAR race winners. At that time, businesses that wished to print their own checks needed not just unique software, but specialized printers and magnetic ink, too.

The duo came up with a system that incorporated all elements needed to print checks on the go and launched what eventually became a consulting business. Soon, the consultants found themselves designing bank reconciliation modules for existing accounting software. They quickly noted the unmet need in the nonprofit and government world for fund accounting modules that made nonprofit and local government accounting easier.

Eventually, this led to the development of the first AccuFund software, a compilation of all the company's modules formed into one comprehensive core solution. This was their first stop in working to create the best fund accounting software for nonprofit organizations and government entities.

"Most companies start with the core product and expand by developing add-on modules," Holfelder laughed. "We started with the modules and built a system from them."

This unique design works well for AccuFund, which has been recognized by noted industry publications such as CPA Practice Advisor for its excellence in nonprofit accounting software.

“Our value-added resellers have also been an invaluable part of the AccuFund success story,” explains Holfelder. “Our resellers are located across the United States and bring fund accounting expertise in consulting, installation and on-going support as needed to AccuFund users.”

Fund Accounting Software with Flexible Modules

AccuFund’s 20-year success can be attributed to its drive to create the best accounting software for the nonprofit and government world. Its employees and value-added resellers are guided by their deep desire to help others, with experience rich in fund accounting, nonprofit governance, and local government.

“Our customers are an integral part of our AccuFund family,” explains Gordon Holfelder, AccuFund President. “We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers, understanding their needs and working closely with them to not only continue enhancing the AccuFund product they rely on, but ultimately helping them improve their ability to help those in their community.”

Over the years AccuFund expanded its software capabilities to serve local governments, including municipalities, tribal governments and special districts. The company developed specific government software modules including Utility Billing, Court Fines Management, Property Tax Billing and Fees, Taxes & Licenses.

The nonprofit accounting software was developed to meet the needs of churches and other religious institutions, schools and universities, foundations and endowments, representative payees and fiscal agents. By building modules specific to these nonprofits, Accufund’s financial management solutions can be configured to meet organizational needs rather than changing the organization to work with the software.

AccuFund solutions are available in online or onsite deployments, depending on your needs. It’s comprised of a strong core system and modules that allow nonprofits and government entities to easily expand as your needs evolve.

Looking Ahead to the Future of Government and Nonprofit Accounting Software

Twenty years may not seem like a long time in many industries, but in the realm of software development, it feels like a lifetime. Although the accounting profession hasn’t changed much over the decades, software development has changed a great deal.

Technology advances coupled with AccuFund’s ongoing commitment to enhance its products has kept AccuFund at the forefront of fund accounting innovation. Striving for the best accounting software for nonprofit and government organizations requires incorporating technology that solve more problems.

From automations, workflow, API integrations, and true browser-based capabilities, AccuFund’s passion is helping their clients work more efficiently and effectively so they spend less time managing finances and processes and more time fulfilling their missions and serving their communities.

Now more than ever, finding a solutions-oriented software vendor is critical, especially one as committed to customer service as AccuFund.

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