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Nonprofit’s Accounting.

At AccuFund, we understand the unique accounting challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. We know that you’re pressured to manage programs more efficiently, keep track of funding sources, account for donated services, and ensure that most of your expenses are allocated in support of your mission.

AccuFund’s comprehensive nonprofit accounting software offers robust reporting capabilities, dashboards for more informed decisions, and responsive, friendly customer service.

The core system includes a general ledger for all your financial data, plus modules for easy nonprofit financial reportingcustomizing dashboards, tracking and paying bills, managing cash receipts, and reconciling your bank accounts.

To meet the specific needs of different nonprofit organizations, we also offer the following add-on modules:

  • Accounts Receivable with Inventory 
    Manage all receivables and track invoices as open items, so you can apply payments as they come in.
  • Fixed Assets 
    Track and automatically depreciate assets.
  • Requisitions 
    Take control over purchase and payment requests electronically, from initial requester and approvals to the assigned purchasing agent.
  • Grants Management 
    Keep track of all your grant-related data, even report due dates, contacts, contracts, and scheduled tasks. 
  • Position Control 
    Budget via FTE or position and create optional encumbrances. 
  • Loan Tracking
    This complete loan management system is designed for organizations that handle revolving loan funds, micro-loan programs, business loans for economic development, personal loans for housing, and more.
  • Client Invoicing
    Schedule, track and invoice services for clients.
  • Program Management
    The place to manage all Program/Project/Contract information and data.
  • Allocation Management
    Allocate expenses, create invoices, perform account reconciliations, and distribute budgets automatically, at user-specified intervals.
  • Payroll Suite
    Use our Human Resources, Employee Portal, Position Control, Employee Timesheet Entry, Time Clocks, Leave Requests, and Tax Management modules to create a complete employee solution.
  • Purchasing with Inventory
    Manage all your purchasing and in-house inventory needs. 
  • Budget Development 
    Provide a framework for department managers to enter and develop budgets for fiscal years and grant years.
  • Travel Management
    Manage employee travel requests from the point of approval through reconciliation. 
  • Client Accounting
    Eliminate the need to maintain a separate system for your clients’ financial information.
  • Representative Payee
    Use this stand-alone application to better serve your clients or patients who are unable to manage their finances (e.g., elderly, intellectually disabled, or drug-dependent individuals).

Complete Data Integration

Automatically pull in data from your existing systems, as you eliminate manual work and free up time for strategic planning.

Organization-Wide Access

Get your performance data out of the back office and into the hands of managers and other authorized users.


The AccuFund Financial Report Writer makes it easy to meet internal and external requirements in requested formats.

“The reporting is phenomenal and has proven to work great for our office. A director can see what has been budgeted on his/her side, but they cannot see other departments’ budgets.”

—K. Calvert, Foxborough Regional Charter School

Leading Nonprofits Trust AccuFund

“With AccuFund, I save 10 hours a week. I have better security, files can't be deleted, and I can make better decisions.”
—Accounts Payable Clerk, Magic City Enterprises

“In the 16 years I’ve been here, it was the easiest audit we've ever gone through and I attribute that to AccuFund,”
—K. Root, The Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

"AccuFund is the software package for any organization interested in becoming more efficient, making processes automatic, and getting rid of spreadsheets."
—D. Riddle, Texoma Community Center

“Very user friendly—report writing is easy to grasp.”
—Controller, Adriel School, Inc.

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