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A Great Foundation for Your Organization

AccuFund’s browser native General Ledger is the core of the AccuFund Accounting Suite, the AccuFund Representative Payee System, and the AccuFund Endowment Management System.

It’s packed with features and functionality that improve accuracy and help you track your financial transactions in real time.

All your transactions are immediately posted to the General Ledger and are available for reporting or inquiry. The General Ledger boasts a detailed transaction history, robust reporting capabilities, and document management throughout.

The General Ledger Works the Way You Do

AccuFund’s General Ledger provides a 255-character, alpha-numeric account structure. Each segment or element can be any length you choose, and the system supports up to 99 segments. The database includes a history of all your fiscal years, for continuous reporting as required.

When you enter data in any AccuFund module, your transactions are directly posted to the General Ledger in real time. Journal entries made directly in the General Ledger can be entered unposted, then posted after supervisor review.

AccuFund’s General Ledger provides superior internal controls, so you’ll always know when entries are made or changed, and by whom. Entries can be locked, by period or individually, depending on the source.

The General Ledger supports multiple transaction types, including:

  • Actual
  • Encumbrance
  • Budget
  • Grant Budget
  • Project Budget
  • Memo Entries
  • Requested
  • Allocation
  • Budget Revision
  • Grant Budget Rev.
  • Project Budget Rev.
  • Closing Entries
  • Unposted Entries

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Make Life Easier with These Powerful, Popular Features

 AccuFund’s General Ledger lets you do all this:

  • Use a predefined chart of accounts or build accounts on the fly based on tables of valid elements, known in the system as Dynamic Elements.
  • Support multiple year-end closings and enable entry in the following year prior to closing for as long as necessary.
  • Enable multiple users to generate reports on different budget types, including financial, grant, and project.
  • Export transaction details to Excel, with formatting and formulas in the totals.
  • Scan and attach documents to journal entries.
  • Integrate with external systems, such as specialized billing, licensing, and development systems.
  • Drill down into account balances and activity to see transaction details.

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Get the Reports You Need, When You Want Them

Primary reporting for the General Ledger is done through the Financial Report Writer. Detailed reports are available, including:

  • General Ledger Detail: Monthly, year-to-date, and inception-to-date options.
  • Journal Detail: Postings by module, activity date, and system posting date.
  • Account Detail: Account activity for any period of time, within and across fiscal years.
  • Custom Transaction Detail: Made possible by AccuFund’s Reports/Forms Designer.

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