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Gain Insight into Your Critical Projects

The browser native AccuFund Program Management module gives program managers and other stakeholders one place to interact with all program, project, and contract information. This powerful module aggregates financial data and other important information tailored to your organization’s needs, from program dates and tasks to sources and scanned documents.

Since the Program Management module is seamlessly integrated into the AccuFund Accounting Suite, all the program information you need—for a quick status update or a deep dive—is available in one location. What’s more, different financial views can be defined for each program, so each user only sees data at the authorized access level.

Build Out Your Program Parameters in User-Friendly Tabs

The Program Management module builds from the organization table, where you can access contact addresses, telephone numbers, notes, and more.

All program-related information is collected in the Program tab, including dates, goals, tasks, scheduled activities, and the names of program managers. Users can add fields as necessary and track changes over time.

Easily Customize the Module to Suit Your Needs

The Program Management module is designed for maximum flexibility:

  • Program tab screens can be customized by agency.
  • Additional demographic screens can be added, including multi-entry historical screens.
  • The financial screens can include multiple columns of data, including actual, fiscal, and program budgets, encumbrance, and requested. Users can select the fiscal period (month-to-date, year-to-date, program-to-date) to report for each category.
  • Users can define the level of revenue and expense detail reported, based on data drawn from the General Ledger.
  • Within the financial or query view, users can drill down to the account level to see activity associated with each reported cell.
  • Users can add images and scanned documents for easy reference.

Take Advantage of Built-In Integration

The Programs Management module integrates with a variety of AccuFund modules:

  • Client Accounting—Analyze client data, such as enrollment rates and cost per client.
  • Grants—Track grants related to specific programs.
  • General Ledger—Draw on accurate data for up-to-date financial reporting.
  • Accounts Receivable—Track invoice history.
  • Cash Receipts—View cash history.
  • Reports/Forms Designer—Customize reports.

Let's Get Started

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