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Unify All Your HR Data

The browser based Human Resources module drives important employee management functions, such as benefits management, performance tracking, training documentation, and more.

The Human Resources module provides a standard set of employee management tools, along with the flexibility to add on more data tracking items to meet specific organizational requirements.

The Human Resources module is included with AccuFund’s Payroll module, and integrates with all components of AccuFund’s HRMS system, and can be used in conjunction with them, such as in Employee Self Service.

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Work Smarter with These Popular Features

The Human Resources module offers robust capabilities to streamline your workflow:

  • HR Items can have a single entry such as EEO status, or multiple entries for training and reviews.
  • HR Items can be configured to log and track changes over time.
  • HR Items can be grouped into categories, making it easier to find and report similar items.
  • Data access rules and security can be established for specific users.

Use Standard Screen Templates or Create Your Own

The Human Resources module includes a complete set of standard fields that can be used as delivered, modified, or replaced with your own designs. These templates include:

  • Benefits Information
  • Health Insurance Open Enrollment
  • Onboarding information and checklists
  • Leave information for all types
  • Education Completed
  • ACA Reporting Information
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • EEO Categories
  • Temporary Leave Activity
  • Positions Held
  • Review Observations
  • Review Performance
  • Termination Actions
  • And More!

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