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Drive Decision Making with the Metrics You Need

AccuFund browser based integrated Dashboards provide users with key information in real-time through an easy-to-use interface. See alerts, manage to-do lists, view key performance indicators, scan important ratios, and more.

AccuFund Dashboards are role-based, ensuring that the most valuable data is right there when a user logs in.

Users can view data in graph or grid mode and display multiple graphs simultaneously, and they can customize views to focus on areas most important to their roles. For details about financial transactions, you can drill down to the original data source.

AccuFund Anywhere Online Dashboard

Not Your Typical Dashboard

AccuFund Dashboards go a step beyond most competitors with their ability to show calculated analytical data, such as financial ratios and performance ratios—both of which require complex data analysis. Figures such as days cash on hand, current ratio, and liquid unrestricted net assets (LUNA) are readily available.

If you license AccuFund’s Automation Workbench, you can configure your dashboard to perform complex calculations, projections, and operations. The Automation Workbench can also integrate information via API from other applications into AccuFund Dashboards.

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Link to Other AccuFund Modules

Any module within AccuFund—or outside data from other applications—can be incorporated in an AccuFund Dashboard.

Since the Dashboards module integrates with all AccuFund modules, users can compare and contrast data from any module. Dashboards are easy to create using reports that already exist or are easy to set up in your AccuFund system.

The Dashboards module is available in AccuFund’s Web Portal as well. This enables non-accounting staff to benefit from AccuFund Dashboards in a convenient location, where they may also log in to place payment requests or time sheets.

Let's Get Started

AccuFund supports your mission with a full suite of financial management applications for nonprofit and government organizations. To learn more and arrange a demo, contact AccuFund at 877-872-2228 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.accufund.com.

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