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Make Life Easier for Your Customers, and Your Team

AccuFund’s browser based Utility Billing module is a complete system that tracks utility billing by service location, making it easier for customers to modify, add, or cancel service.

An unlimited number of meters, charges, and location notes can be attached to any service location. Charges are individually tracked for the proper application of customer payments.

Enjoy a User-Friendly Interface

From the Service Location window, you can access all the information you need about any given service location.

  • List of chargeable services and any service notes
  • View a map of location with legend for meters and other notes
  • Current meters and consumption history
  • Billing and payment history

Meter readings can be entered by route and used to generate automatic charges.

From the Payments Received window, all current outstanding activity is automatically displayed.

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Customize the Module to Suit Your Needs

AccuFund Utility Billing gives you the flexibility to run your operations your way:

  • Automatically calculate late fees
  • Design statements with logos and other graphical elements
  • Update all payments and adjustments in real time
  • Create your own activity and receipt reports
  • Quickly review the status of any customer and their associated account balances
  • Control access to sensitive customer information
  • Enable multi-user access
  • Make changes to customers or meters
  • Interface with hand meters

Make Bill Payment Easy and Secure

AccuFund’s optional Web Payment portal provides your customers with the convenience of paying their utility bills online, while managing convenience fees and electronic check processing for your team.

Streamline Your Processes with AccuFund’s Built-in Integrations

The AccuFund Utility Billing module is integrated with AccuFund’s core system and other modules for a complete workflow and fewer errors:

  • General Ledger—Entries are immediately available for reporting
  • Cash Receipts—Get a full picture of all types of receipts for each customer
  • Work Orders—Assign work orders to specific locations
  • Hand Meter Extension—Interface with third-party meter reading devices for rapid information upload and download
  • Report/Forms Designer—Gain control over layouts and data fields

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Let's Get Started

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