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Your Complete Receivables Management System

AccuFund’s browser native Accounts Receivable module is ideal for governmental and nonprofit organizations that depend on billing other organizations, agencies, and individuals for all or part of their revenue.

The module includes a suite of valuable features to streamline workflows, such as report formats that give managers immediate visibility into expected revenue, document management capabilities, and a convenient repeat billing feature for receivables such as tenant rent.

Everything You Need from Invoice to Payment

Invoices created in Accounts Receivable can can be for services, grants, inventory items and more. Powerful views enable you to have live reports of active records, showing the data you need to see at a glance.

Entering an inventory item automatically tracks inventory counts and the cost of goods sold. Sale prices and accounting distributions can be defaulted from inventory. Non-stock items, services, and other items can also be entered into an invoice.

When paired with AccuFund’s Client Accounting, a client can be attached to any line item so that the responsible party can review each individual’s services for proper payment. Once an invoice is completed, it can be printed directly from the entry screen. Alternatively, all unprinted invoices can be printed as a group.

Cash receipts are applied to individual invoices on a FIFO basis, or the application of cash can be manually distributed.

The standard aging report gives you a view of customer payment status along with days delinquent and a telephone number for collection calls.

online accounts receivable for nonprofits and government

Powerful Features Make Managing Receivables Much More Efficient

Get more done in less time with AccuFund’s Accounts Receivable module:

  • Client Billing—Track services for individual clients that are billed to third-party agencies or individuals.
  • Sales Tax Calculation—Automatically calculate up to four different taxes or fees and add them to an invoice.
  • Cost of Goods Sold—In addition to the sales price of inventory items, the module calculates and posts the cost of goods sold to the general ledger.
  • Repeating Invoices—Recurring invoices can be stored, modified as necessary, and coded for multiple billing cycles.
  • Invoice Import—If you use other systems to generate billing information, you can import it into Accounts Receivable for actual billing.
  • Credit Memos—Credit memos can be created in the billing system and offset against invoices through the cash receipt/cash application process.

Online Accounts Receivable Billing for nonprofits and government

Multiply Efficiencies with Built-in Integrations

Because Accounts Receivable is integrated with other AccuFund modules, you’ll save time and reduce errors:

  • General Ledger—All transactions are immediately posted to the General Ledger for reporting purposes, and entries are verified against the General Ledger for data consistency.
  • Cash Receipts—All AR cash receipt entries are done through the Cash Receipts module. Prepayment receipts are entered here and stored as payment credits until applied to an invoice.
  • Payment Portal—Give your customers the ability to make payments online (licensed separately).
  • Inventory—Store inventory items, non-stock items, and services, including revenue codes and sale prices. The Inventory module can calculate prices based on volume, rates, and customer-specific demographics.
  • Reports/Forms Designer—Gain control over form fields, text, and layout based on your organization’s specific requirements.

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