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Choose the Timekeeping Options That Work Best for Your Organization

AccuFund offers a wide range of timekeeping options to meet the needs of government agencies and nonprofits, including the ability to access distributions, earning items, clients, and memos. In all cases, employees can clock into and out of programs, jobs, or projects.

  • Time Clock
    Employees entering a building—from one or multiple locations—can activate this physical clock with card, fob, or biometrics, and facial recognition is on the way. No computer is required: a rugged device attaches to a wall or stand.

  • Web Clock
    This clock is a great option for those who prefer a simple, browser-based timekeeper. Web clocks are ideal for employees who have ready access to computers.

  • Soft Clock
    This downloadable app for Android or Apple devices turns tablets and smartphones into AccuFund time entry options with robust functionality. It’s perfect for mobile employees but it can also be mounted as a fixed kiosk clocking device.

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Enjoy Two Convenient Time-Entry Methods

AccuFund’s Timekeeping module offers two time-entry methods that eliminate paper time sheets, automatically route timesheets for approval, and seamlessly integrate, in real time, with AccuFund Payroll.

  • Employee Time Entry – Daily
    Our most popular time entry method allows employees to log in and fill out their own time sheets. It’s well suited for staff who need to track their time in various programs and departments. Simple tools make complex time recording easy and duplicate entries are avoided.

  • Employee Calendar Entry
    This simple time entry method provides a user-friendly, graphical view of time recorded. Employees can drag through a time period to enter their time, make adjustments, and copy time to other days.


AccuFund Calendar Time Entry

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