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Better serve your constituents with the AccuFund Accounting Suite.

Get more for your money with the leading online and onsite accounting solution for local governments, Tribal Nations, and special districts.

Online or Onsite: A Solution for Every Government Entity.

AccuFund brings together the very best of what local governments need: a strong core financial management system, with a wide assortment of modules including utility billing, grants management, payroll, human resources management, and fees, taxes and licenses, that allow you to grow and customize your solution, as well as capabilities for 3rd party integration.

Modernize and simplify your processes with AccuFund – either online or onsite – with an affordable, complete solution.

The First True Browser-Based Accounting Solution for Government Entities

Explore AccuFund Anywhere Online, the first true browser-based cloud accounting solution for government agencies.

Explore Onsite Financial Management for Government Entities

Utilize your infrastructure and house the data on your servers with AccuFund’s full onsite financial management solution.

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Affordable, Accurate & Accountable

Local governments and government agencies need to demonstrate financial prudence and local accountability. That’s why we offer comprehensive government accounting software that offers robust reporting capabilities, dashboards for more informed decisions, and much more at a great price.

AccuFund continually makes updates and enhancements to the system – providing support you need, staying ahead of the trends in reporting and overall management to help your local government continue serving your constituents.

Complete Data Integration

Automatically pull in data from your existing systems, as you eliminate manual work and free up time for strategic planning.

Organization-Wide Access

Get your performance data out of the back office and into the hands of managers and other authorized users.

Robust Reporting

The AccuFund Financial Report Writer makes it easy to meet internal and external requirements in requested formats.

“You can create customized reports that are very in-depth and deliver the exact information you’re looking for.”

—Easton Volunteer Fire Department

Government Agencies Across the Country Trust AccuFund

“Our ability to pull data on an actual basis, directly from our accounting system, improves the timeliness and accuracy of our reporting.” 
—T. Pennington, Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District

"We went from using paper time cards to a database and generating payroll reports automatically.”
—J. Gillenwater, Central Lyon County Fire Protection District

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