Donor Advised Funds Webinar

webinarcoverthumbnailWith the growing popularity of Donor Advised Funds (DAF), there is a need to not only identify potential DAF donors, but also provide the financial management needed to satisfy donor reporting & endowment transparency.

There is an opportunity to strategically include Donor Advised Funds in your overall donor management efforts. The Challenge is identifying the technology & systems needed to meet this growing trend.

AccuFund's Follow the DAF Donors & Dollars On-Demand Webinar highlights:

  • Benefits of using a donor management system in the endowment process,
  • Creating impact with user-facing solutions such as donation pages, online DAF portal, auto receipts, tribute gifts, etc.,
  • Manage grant recommendations made from fund owners to various organizations,
  • Accurately track ‘Life and Legacy’ commitments from your community,
  • Benefits of using a fund accounting system that integrates with a CRM/donor management system,
  • Create transparency with an online portal to provide access to those that entrust your organization with their investment
  • Reporting and accountability needed to sustain growth in DAF activity

On-Demand Webinar: DAF Donors & Dollars

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