AccuFund and Its Fund Accounting Software Celebrates 20th Anniversary

20 years blueAccuFund, Inc. celebrates 20 years of providing nonprofit and government financial/ERP management software.

From its roots developing apps for existing accounting software to launching true browser-based fund accounting solutions, AccuFund has evolved into the go-to source for nonprofits, municipalities and governments serious about managing their finances effectively.

AccuFund’s Early History

AccuFund began as an offshoot of the consulting business of founders Gordon Holfelder and Peter Stam. Holfelder began by creating a unique solution to custom-print checks for NASCAR race winners. He used the initial profits from this venture to move into software development, a bank reconciliation module for nonprofits.

"Most software companies start with their core package and develop add-ons,” said Gordon Holfelder, one of the company's founders. “We began with the add-ons, then realized we could compile them together to create a core package."

AccuFund Government and Nonprofit Financial Management System

AccuFund’s comprehensive government and nonprofit accounting software offers robust reporting capabilities, dashboards for more informed decisions, and excellent customer service. The core system includes a general ledger, the ability to track and pay bills, manage cash receipts, and reconcile bank accounts, plus specialized government-related modules such as utility billing, fees, taxes and licenses, and more.

AccuFund continues to be a technology leader in the industry, offering onsite and online system deployment options, with the unique flexibility of moving from one to the other when needs change.

Value-Added Resellers have been an integral part of AccuFund’s success. Resellers have, since the company’s early days, offered consultation, customization and implementation specialty services.

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