Browser-Native Nonprofit Accounting Software: AccuFund Anywhere Online

AccuFund Anywhere logo RGBAccuFund Launches Browser-Native Nonprofit Accounting Software: AccuFund Anywhere Online. Online nonprofit and government accounting software offers browser-native convenience, flexibility, and enhanced security.

AccuFund, a company known for its innovation in creating fund accounting software solutions, today announced the release of AccuFund Anywhere Online, accounting software that is “true browser native” to serve nonprofit organizations and local governments.

Browser-native software works within a user’s browser and is not a hosted solution or a screen scrape of Windows software. Nonprofits and local governments using AccuFund Anywhere Online can log into the system securely from any internet-enabled browser.

It is especially valuable as many nonprofits and governments, still dealing with the effects of the global pandemic, continue to adapt to varying work environments. AccuFund Anywhere Online enables employees to manage the accounting needs of the organization without interruption, from any location, including low bandwidth areas.

“AccuFund Anywhere Online offers nonprofit organizations and local government entities, of all sizes, the convenience, usability, and security that’s absolutely necessary and now expected in today’s environment,” said Gordon Holfelder, president of AccuFund.

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