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Enhance your cultural contribution by controlling your finances.

Spend less time accounting and more time wowing audiences.

Automate Processes
Save time and reduce errors.

Control Costs
Track revenue and expenses across projects.

Customize Your Solution
Choose the modules that suit your specific needs.

Why are so many arts organizations putting AccuFund in the spotlight?

Whether you’re producing a new drama, adding violins to the orchestra, or opening minds to an emerging visual artist, AccuFund is ready to help handle your finances while you enrich your community through creative expression.

The leading solution for nonprofit organizations offers the tools you need to take greater control over your finances and enhance your fundraising efforts. With our powerful software, you’ll work more efficiently and professionally, while bringing more meaningful art to your community.

The AccuFund Accounting Suite can help you:

  • Manage contracts and grants more effectively
  • Minimize errors and reduce duplicative efforts
  • Track services to maximize revenue
  • Give directors instant access to the financial status of their programs
  • Allocate expenses more accurately
  • Make better strategic decisions

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“Each month, we can get a report showing the amount of each donor’s original gift, what the market value was at the beginning of the year, all the activity that occurred and the current market value of that gift. Having this update each month with this level of detail is very important to us.”

—M. Callahan, The Music Center Foundation

“Now we can make smarter, informed decisions and look for communities we know we would be a good fit in."
—L. Wood, Kids In a New Groove

“I’m a huge proponent of the system, particularly its Accounts Payable module. We do our month-end activities in half the amount of time we did them previously. Check runs take much less time, as well.”
—J. Pecoraro, Long Wharf Theatre

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