Moves Management Webinar On-Demand

Topic:  Monitor. Track. Build. Repeat. Exploring the Disciplines of Successful Major Gift Fundraising with MovesMovesMgmtOndemand thumbnail Management

This free on-demand webinar provides practical guidance and tools for monitoring your existing constituent database, tracking the various stages of major gifts, and building a sustainable pipeline for future major donors.

While revealing successful real-world moves management examples, you hear answers to these common questions:

  • How does moves management impact your organizations bottom line?
  • How can you help your organization embrace moves management - top to bottom?
  • How much time should you be devoting to moves management?
  • How might you prioritize moves management among all your fundraising efforts?
  • What resources are needed at your organization to make this successful?

Presenters LaVal Brewer, Community Fundraising Specialist and Sarah Finley, Product Manager, AccuFund CRM.

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