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For the ultimate in fiscal responsibility, choose AccuFund.

Let AccuFund help you provide more comprehensive, convenient service.

Automate Processes
Save time and reduce errors.

Control Costs
Match funds to line items in approved service plans.

Customize Your Solution
Choose the modules that suit your specific needs.

You support others.
AccuFund supports you.

Organizations rely on you for the funding they need to make a bigger impact in their communities. As you look out for your clients’ best interests, you become an integral part of their respective missions.

With AccuFund, you get all the financial tools you need to ensure accountability and streamline workflows, so you can build trust while expanding the reach of your clients.

  • Safeguard assets
  • Ensure proper fund distribution
  • Improve the overall management of your sponsored accounts

“AccuFund is the software package for any organization interested in becoming more efficient, making processes automatic, simplifying manual procedures, and getting rid of numerous spreadsheets.”

~ D. Riddle, Texoma Community Center

"The managers get the reporting they need and the accounting staff can now focus on analysis and management instead of maintaining manual systems for financial reporting, cash balances and accounts receivable.”

—Fiscal Director, Lynn  Economic Opportunity

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Texoma Community Center

Texoma Community Center

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Lynn Economic Opportunity

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